Slide Cosmos Design is a clever design studio, with a reputation
for doing things differently. We make uniquely
brilliant user experiences online that are beautiful.
Fusing art with technology and awe–inspiring animation,
we design to dazzle.

Our mission is to make you more memorable, and transform
how customers relate to your brand by sparking curiosity and
delight. We won’t give you a cookie–cutter website.

We have a dedicated eight step creative process that has
been intelligently crafted to turn a spark of inspiration into
incredible work. Every Wonderland experience is designed
to create connection and to excite. Our intention is to always
take things from boring to bling.
Cosmos Design Cosmos Design Cosmos Design Cosmos Design Meet our team
Slide Nasser Manon Nero Meet our team Manon is the most understanding front-end developer you're going to meet, ever.
From technical, design, user or client perspective – she's there for you,
fully aware of the context of a project.
Founder of Cosmos Design and developer who blazingly fast translates your concept into
the right technical approach and architecture.
He's also responsible for day-to-day operation and our projectmanagement.
Nero is our good boy that keeps us motivated for
bringing you the best possible solutions for your project
and keeps the team happy with his goofy manners.
He doesn't do much around here but no matter how hard I try I can't fire him!
            What do you mean
          "he doesn't do much
                  around here"
  I made this sweet rocketship!
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